A Family Reunion

Lucas Cousins about 1950


Here's who we know about at present as of 2/24/09:
I'm listing by family of our parents, grandparents, etc.

     Marie Slaughter
       Mary Jane & Charles Wright
           Sheri Tritt
              Mindy Kornagay

    Vernon Lucas
       Tom & Susan Lucas
           Jennifer Lucas
           Scott & Leigh Ann Lucas
       Alice Lusk
           David & Ginnie Campbell
           Missie Collins

    Sam Lucas
      Sharon Miller
      Buddy & Barbara Lucas
           Brian & Jody Lucas
               Bryan Lucas
               Hunter Lucas
               Blayne Lucas
           Stephanie & Brannon Brookshire
               Drew Brookshire
               Levi Brookshire
               Jaycie Brookshire

    Murl Lucas
      Carolyn Sue Jamerson
           Kelly Raulerson
               Olivia Raulerson
               Ethan Raulerson
               Evan Raulerson
           Cindy Raulerson
               Lindsay Raulerson
               Robert Raulerson
      Linda & Russell Houk
           Russell & Laurie Houk
               Brittany Houk
           Scott & Jeanie Houk
               Corey Houk
               Taylor Houk
               Jacob Houk
      Johnny Lucas
      Harold & Heidi Lucas
           Benjamin Lucas
           Emily Lucas

    Ruth Catalano
      Sandy Abbott
           Stephanie Jump
           Mike Abbott
           DeAnna Campbell
               Ella Jayne Campbell
      Lucy Carr
           Kelly Salter
      Rosie Rozell
      Cathy & George Rivard
      Trish Kostreva

Additions, corrections and/or deletions are encouraged. This is based on responses I've received and what the grapevine has offered.

Any specific questions, contact us by e-mail, phoning: (904) 688-0710 or for Rosie, call her at (407) 977-9046 or e-mail her.

We thank you for visiting,

Rosie, Susan & Tom

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