A Family Reunion

Food & Such List

Here's what we have, so far as of 2/24/09:


        Fried Chicken

        Ham (2)

        Meat Balls

        Turkey (2)

Side Dishes:

        Dressing (2)

        Giblet Gravy

        Macaroni & Cheese

Vegetables & Salads:

        Apple Salad

        Baby Limas Casserole

        Bean Salad

        Broccli Casserole

        Brocolli Slaw

        Green Beans (2)

        Butternut Squash Souffle

        Steamed cabbage

        Cole Slaw

        Kansas Cole Slaw

        Super Salad

        Watergate Salad


        There will be a Birthday Cake, isn't that part of the celebration?.

        Angel Food Cake

        Chocolate Cake

        Coca Cola Cake


        Strawberries with real whipped cream


Coffee, Tea and water plus, cups, flatware, plates, etc. are being provided.

Several have questioned there being enough food. Check the list of attendees we know of and decide if we need more food.

If you plan to bring food that is NOT on this list, please let me know.

Any specific questions, contact us by e-mail, phoning: (904) 688-0710 or for Rosie, call her at (407) 977-9046 or e-mail her.

We thank you for visiting.

Rosie, Susan & Tom

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